Senior Photo Scholarships

Senior Photographer Mike JensenOur seniors photos scholarship program is designed to help students with extreme hardships which may prevent them from having a seniors photo experience.

Owner/Photographer Mike Jensen is a huge fan of high school students pursuing their education dreams. Mike has been mentoring high school students since 2010 helping them ensure they will graduate and then pursue a secondary education. From that role, Mike was appointed and subsequently ran for (and elected) to the Board of Education while living in Oregon.

Because many of the students Mike mentored came from Female High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photostroubled homes, or lived with siblings, grandparents or even other high school student’s families, Mike started photographing their seniors photos to help them feel like they belonged with the rest of their class and peers.

It turned in to part of his business but Mike still continues the tradition of helping some students who have had to live with hardship.  It is out of that desire to give back that the Senior Photo Scholarships are offered.

Most high school students just want to learn and have fun! They want to lead, follow, fit in & belong. They are all excited (and scared) about their future! My job is to photograph them as they are, so they can always remember “how it was in high school”.Mike Jensen, Owner/Photographer
Male High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photosThe Senior Photo Scholarship program is designed to work behind the scenes.  Many times kids or families in hardship don’t want to ask for something special.  They think someone else is “more worthy”.

For example, recently we had a family recommended where the father had gone through a heart transplant which caused significant financial burden.  They didn’t have the money for senior photos.  We did them and had a great time!

Male High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photosThat’s why I’ve designed the scholarship program to be recommended by people like counselors, teachers, principals, neighbors or friends etc.  It can be done anonymously or in coordination with me.  We don’t ask or interview the student or family.  We trust the person making the recommendation. 

We usually grant about 5-6 per year and most recommendations are made in the beginning of the school year so as to accommodate the needs of the students and the yearbook team.  If you have questions or would like to make a recommendation please fill out the form below. 

I’ll personally get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Usually within 48 hours. ~ Mike Jensen

Senior Photo Scholarship Recommendations

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