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Senior Photos Divorced Parents

This story is about senior photos with divorced parents and how to make them work for everyone!  This story photo session took FOREVER to pull together.  Michael’s Dad first called me in October of his senior year.  He was referred by a friend who did not do portraits, but knew I would and could.  Michael’s dad wanted a shot with him in a suit.  Now, I know 17/18 year olds pretty well.  They don’t want a senior photo session in JUST A SUIT!  They might be willing to wear a suit, or a jacket and tie, but it’s a certain amount of work just to get a 17 or 18 year old young man convinced that he should spend a couple of hours of his life in front of a camera.  I explained this to dear old dad.  I told him to talk to his son to see exactly what he wanted to get out of his senior photo session.

So, several months go by and Dad calls.  “How about a photo session in a library, he says!”  I told him “I’m game as long as you get permission from the library.  Tell them I’ll have a tripod and at least one flash and photo softbox.”  He called back a month later, No Bueno!  The library wouldn’t go for it.  After several more chats I finally convinced him to meet me at a local park which had nice scenery.  By this time I had deduced that he was a single Dad.

When we got to the shoot location, I met Michael’s mom who had brought Michael and was meeting Dad.  Apparently the boy lived with Mom most of the time, she was supposed to arrange for the senior photo session and never got to it.  So, Dad picked up the ball and took 6 months to arrange it.  No criticism, just the facts here!  I could tell there was some “friction” between Mom & Dad so I talked to them and got them to focus on Michael.  I told Mom that I had a surprise for her. (See photo above) She was thrilled!

Michael’s senior photos took awhile to pull together, but we finally found a day when his schedule was available to do the shoot.

Michael’s Dad had a special request, he wanted something with him in a jacket to match a senior photo that he had done many years ago.  He was very pleased we were able to pull it off!

As with many senior photos we chose a local park to shoot Michael’s photos.  A late afternoon/evening is the perfect time to do these photoshoots.

We also created the layout needed for Michael’s yearbook as well as a collage for his graduation announcement.

So, here’s my advice to divorced parents and the senior photo experience. Come together and make it about your child! We were able to do this with Michael and both parents were pleased with the photos! I even got a call from Grandma to thank me for a great job!

Mike did a great job of meeting and exceeding our expectations! We needed a photo matching my senior photo as well as many other shots to choose from for his yearbook and graduation announcement. Mike got it all done for us!David (Michael's Father)