My Core Values

Senior Photographer Mike JensenOk, how many photographer websites have you look at that talk about senior photographer core values. Core values mean something to me. I’ve spent alot of time busting my butt learning how and practicing to be a master level portrait photographer. You don’t get that from someone who doesn’t REALLY take their craft seriously.

I take the senior’s education seriously! So much so that I ended up running for school board in Oregon when we lived there. I had spent alot of time mentoring kids in high school and was invited to run for the board and I won! I served on the Board of Education for many years! It was a blast!

I also take my education seriously and attend many photo workshops every year. I also read alot of books on photography, composition, light etc. to make your photos look better! Take a look!

I Foster Education

As a former Board of Education member, I started photographing high school seniors out of a desire to help some of the kids I was mentoring.  I’ve been working with high school students for many years and I have the ability to develop a rapport with them. 
It’s turned in to a very successful part of my business and I try to price my senior photos at or below the competition.  You’ll often find me in the schools volunteering as a mentor or teaching photography, website design or marketing. 

I Pursue Excellence

My shoots usually last for much longer than you’ll pay for.  Why?  I love what I do.  I get caught up in the shoot as much as the seniors do!  I’m constantly in search for a cool place to do senior photos.

Good portraits happen when the subject is relaxed and having fun!  That’s my goal!  My photoshoots will typically bring in around 400 shots of you because I’m always trying to find a great blend of light, expression, mood and scene to the image.

Honesty, Integrity & Experience = Professionalism

I’m very honest and up front with my clients.  I don’t promise photos results that will springboard you to the cover of Vogue, Vanity Fair or Cosmo.  We do promise images as good or better than what you see on this site.  We promise you’ll get a better value for your dollar than any other Kansas City professional photographer.

We promise that our experience over the years of photographing high school seniors will come forth in our professionalism and the results you receive.

We Create Fun

I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t as fun for me as it is for you!  I enjoy the shoot as much as I enjoy editing your photos.  As you can see from the video, MacKenzie is really having alot of fun during this shoot.  It was done on November 1st and it was a bit chilly outside!