Senior Photo Checklist

Mike Jensen |  High School Seniors Photos Owner - Chief PhotographerHere’s the ultimate senior photo checklist! We cover it all: Hair, makeup, shaving, tanning, clothing, teeth, nails, jewelry and glasses.

I’ve done hundreds of senior photo sessions and this senior photo checklist has saved many of my clients. Please, follow my advice and you’ll love the results of our photo session together.  Trust me!

~  Mike Jensen – Owner/Chief Photographer

Hair, Makeup, Shaving & Tanning

  • Beautiful Indian High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photosGirls, you’ll want to wear your make-up not much heavier than normal.  Just don’t overdo it.
  • Bring along extra powder, a brush and mascara. Wearing more mascara than normal will really bring out your eyes and allow them to ‘POP’.
  • Guys, if you’re going cleanMale High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - shaven,be sure to shave the morning before your shoot.  If you want to go with the stubble look, make it only about 3-5 days.
  • Don’t try new hairstyles right before your shoot
  • Be sure you cover up tan lines – they WILL show up
  • Avoid tanning or sun burning right before your session.
  • Girls, don’t be afraid to pull your hair back during your session, It’ll give you an entirely different look
  • Ironing. You’ll want to make sure everything’s nice and pressed before your session. Wrinkles will show and we can’t do much about that.
  • Don’t forget to bring along jewelry, rings, necklaces, changes of shoes, hair accessories, !!!
    I retouch blemishes at no extra charge, so don’t fret about a minor breakout!
No matter how extreme the fashions are, the natural look will last forever. Mike Jensen, Photographer

Teeth, Nails, Jewelry, Glasses

  • Get your teeth cleaned before the shoot
  • Try to schedule getting your braces off a few weeks before the shoot.
  • Nails DO show, so make sure they look nice. If they are chipping off or some funky color, they will show. Many of your casual shots are done barefoot, so same applies to toes. Light or natural color works best.
  • Keep the jewelry simple to keep the attention on you.   We don’t want attention drawn to bright and shiny jewelry.
  • If you wear glasses all the Male High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photostime, then we’ll shoot with them on!  I can work with the lighting to avoid direct reflections.

Senior Photo Clothing

  • Beautiful Indian High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photosBring lots of looks! There is no limit to the number of wardrobe changes so the more outfits you bring with you, the more pictures you’re going to see and more choices you’ll Don’t just bring a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans. Shake it up a bit.
  • Avoid stripes & plaids! Solids photograph much better! Bring a variety of color and avoid clothing with words (except for school logo). Choose something classic (parents will love), bring something fun and trendy (all about you), be adventurous (bring a prom dress). Vary the style, you don’t want all your pictures looking the SAME. As a rule, light colors do best on light backgrounds, dark colors on dark backgrounds. Bring the style you prefer, or bring both just in case.
  • Be careful with baggy clothes, they may make you look larger than you. Make sure your clothes flatter you. A little sexy is ok, but make sure you have some that Mom,Dad and relatives will like, too.
  • Girls – keep in mind that if you bring in light or white pants, your underwear WILL be seen through, so keep the flowered or stripes at home! Also, a natural colored bra is best.
  • Bring a variety of color; don’t bring all blue outfits even if it is your favorite
  • Change up the style, all one look (like tanks) gets boring. Plan all your outfits completely because I will take photos that are close- up, full length, and in between.
  • Also remember, it is best to do one or two outfits that Mom & Dad will like, then we can do the stuff you like.
  • Wear solid colors, no large distracting patterns
  • Guys: A dress suit with a tieMale High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - has been the standard for years and I still recommend it. If you want to wear only a dress shirt and tie, wear a colored shirt.
  • White shirts look best under a jacket.
    If you are the outdoors sports kind of person, let’s create something special with your clothes
  • Wear blue jeans or khaki pants unless you want a dressier look (girls, wear longer, flowing dresses).
  • You may want to avoid very short skirts as they will restrict your movement and
    Female High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photosCertain colors look best for different seasons
    Spring and summer – sky blue, khaki, pale green, pink, watermelon, dark
    Fall – Red, gold, deep orange, emerald green, and dark green