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Natural Beauty Senior Photo

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Sophie had a natural beauty about her so this became a Natural Beauty Senior Photo session. Everything about her was calm and natural. From the letter jacket to the leather jacket to the pics with her dog. She exuded confidence and tenderness. You can tell from the photo above her parents adored her!

Sophie’s natural beauty senior photo session was a joy to work. She came prepared and ready to have FUN!

She was very open to almost anything we suggested. She had great outfits and her photos turned out great because she just enjoyed the experience!

We did her photoshoot in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque,NM on a Sunday afternoon. Conditions were perfect!

In sunlight, you have to be careful when photographing blonds. The sun can just totally blow out (over expoxe) their hair and then you have this big glowing mop of hair on top of this beautiful girl’s head! We used photo diffusers (screens) to help soften the light until the beginning of the “golden hour”. You see, in landscape photography it’s critical to get the best light in the hour around sunrise and sunset.

In environmental portrait photography you have to be able to adapt to bright sunlight to get some cool shots until the beginning of that golden light. To make this work a sun diffuser screen is used. I’ve got several and use them based on the conditions.

“Mike knew exactly what he needed to do to get the most amazing shots of Sophie!”Sophie's Mother
MCJensen_Sophie_Turner-2140-Edit-EditNow, notice this fantastic shot of Sophie! It was taken about 30 minutes before the sun went down! Pretty much a perfect time to be taking photos.

She is illuminated with a flash in a soft box. We typically keep the equipment to a minimum and just try to capture the essence of the young lady or young man we are photographing.