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Muscle Car Senior Photos

I call this one Muscle Car Senior Photos.  It didn’t start out being about the muscle car, but that’s how we ended and boy were they happy!

As with all of my senior photo sessions, I conduct a nice (hopefully informative) interview with the parents and the senior prior to the shoot session.  I want to make sure I’ve got all the info I need to make their pictures come out great. I usually ask the senior What do you like to do?  What do you do for fun?  Are you going to college?  If so, where?  With boys, it’s like pulling teeth!  Not so much with the girls, they usually know what they want.  I usually can make some suggestions as to how to prep for the the shoot and where we might want to do it.

When I talked to Monty and his parents, he told me he was in to athletics and Dad was in to airplanes, but NOTHING ever came out about the MUSCLE CAR!  When I arrived they are already there and were lining up the car against the best view of the mountains etc.

Now, Monty’s muscle car senior photos session was done in early January on a perfectly beautiful, sunny Albuquerque day.  Perfect for senior photos.  Monty was a member of the swim team and is a real car buff (I found out upon arrival).

We did his shoot in an area we had done several other shoots in, so the challenge for me as the photographer is to make each set of images look unique to that senior.

Monty made it easy!  With newly whitened teeth and the braces newly removed, Monty was ready to go!  The muscle car was a bonus!

The lesson (for parents and seniors) here is to share everything you think might be relevant for the shoot.  If you’re going to show up with a muscle car, a horse, an elephant, camel, dog or cat!  Please let me know.  I may need additional gear that I don’t usually bring.  Or, we might need extra time.  It’s usually no problem to adapt, but I like to be prepared.  (Sorry, I was a boy scout)

We started about 3:30pm with some standard senior boy shots.  Monty in a t-shirt, flannel shirt, flexing and posing!  Great stuff and Monty looked good!
He’d brought his ’69 Dodge Super Bee Muscle car along to the photoshoot so combine that with Monty’s personality and great physique we had some good photos.

“Mike did a great job of capturing Monty’s personality and persona! We really appreciated his flexibility in moving from one shoot area to another to get the shots Monty wanted.”Monty's Parents