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Male Senior Photo Session

Male Senior Photo Session with family
Stuart’s session was the epitome of the male senior photo session.  He came well prepared with three changes of clothes.  We partnered on the poses and scenes and he and his parents were very pleased.

To me, Stuart had that GQ look. He looked good in almost everything he brought to wear so instantly we had the GQ senior photoshoot! He chose to conduct his shoot up at the Elena Gallegos Open Space in Albuquerque. It was right before Christmas, but the weather was nice!

Stuart was a Lacrosse player and brought along his Lacrosse stick and a ball to use in the shoot.

This brings up a great point. Props which help define the senior are great! Lacrosse sticks, letter jackets, soccer balls, old cars, old friends, parents, pets, you name it!

Now, let’s talk about posing and smiling. I’ve done loads of senior photos and almost every time I have to coach the boys in to smiling. If their parents are along they want to see those “pearly whites” that the braces were covering up for the last 4 years. Now the image of Stuart above is a very nice image. Great smile, good lighting, nice background, even tonal values. You can do a shot like this almost anywhere as long as the senior is willing, the light is good and the scenery is beautiful!

“Mike had some great suggestions for poses & expressions for my photoshoot. I was really concerned about this beforehand because I’ve never been a model. Mike made it easy!”Stuart


But let’s look at the photos above. Neither of the photos on have that big “toothy” grin yet they are both in the same outfit, they both were taken within minutes of the one above. What’s the difference? Facial expression, gesture, black and white treatments. I think these images are MUCH more compelling than the way they were shot in color.

Moral of the story. It takes more than the GQ image to make a great photo. Good looks of the subject, suggestions from the photographer. A senior needs to be open to all options to get great images. And usually they are!