Kansas City Seniors Photos

Here’s some info for a typical Kansas City Seniors Photos session.

As you can see from the senior photos here, there really is no limit or constraint to the possibilities of what we can do for your senior photos! Almost any location is possible as well as our studio. Just let us know your ideas and we’ll share some of ours.

I’ve won multiple awards for my senior photos in various competitions.

I’m also an instructor of photography and photography software and I’m and constantly looking for cool places, poses, props, lighting effects, digital editing effects I can use to enhance your photos.  Naturally we try to get as much as possible captured in the camera as possible, but I’m always looking for a good B/W or Sepia possibility.

Typical Senior Photo Session

Your typical senior photo session will last a couple of hours, but be flexible. We may go longer if the light is great and if your energy is up as well!

I usually take about 400 shots. I then take them back to the office and load them into our photography software. The shots are graded for exposure, light, smile, look, energy and the 400 shots are usually whittled down to about 50. I then grade out those 50 shots and select about half of them to take in for some additional editing. I always look for any potential blemishes or acne. Those can be corrected easily. I can also go in to the software to brighten up the eyes, add a bit of sparkle to the smile, add a bit of blush to the skin and soften it up if needed.

Okay, enough of the technical stuff. The bottom line is that there’s a lot of work that goes in to your senior photos that you may never see. It’s all done to give you and your friends and family the memories of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Female high school senior posing for senior photo | www.highschoolseniors.photosThe best time for outdoor photos is either the hours before and/or after sunrise or sunset. Since high school students rarely get up for sunrise, let’s leave it to the hours around sunset.

So, for Summer shots with flowers or at a lake etc. we’re talking starting about 6:30pm.  For Fall shoots, we usually start between 4-6 based on the time of year.

This shot of Kelsi was taken about 8pm in August as the sun was setting.

That’s a great question!  We usually suggest at least three outfits for both genders.  Girls if you have a nice sundress, bring that!  The time of the year may determine what you wear.  Typically both boys and girls will want a more formal outfit (dress or sundress for girls and coat and tie for guys) and some casual ensembles like shorts, jeans, tee shirts, and letter jackets.

See our preparing for the shoot page for more info.

Of course!  A senior graduating from high school is a BIG DEAL!  We encourage your family to stop in or come along for a few shots.  Same with your BFF’s.  We won’t do a full shoot with them (ok we will, but we’ll charge a bit more) but we’ll be happy to include them in the festivities!
Depending on the package you purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 1-3+ hours shooting time
  • We’ll travel to anywhere in the KC area
  • Option to bring multiple changes of clothes
  • Option to combine your shoot with a friend
  • Option to bring your family to include them in some photos.
  • Loads of options on how to receive your images.  We offer options from DVD’s (with images sized for both print and/or Social Media).  We offer a tremendous variety of print packages including wallets, 5×7’s, 8×10’s, canvas prints, and large fine art prints.  Plus books!

Check out the photo package options page for more info.

No worries!  If we have bad weather, we’ll just reschedule for a time that works for both of us.  No extra charge.  We want your photos to be perfect just like you do!
Senior photo shoot times tend to book quickly from the months of August through November so it’s best to touch base at lease 4-6 weeks out to start talking about dates which might work.

Also, don’t schedule your shoot for the same day as your ACT or your SAT tests.  You’ll be drained and not really in the mood for a photoshoot!

We typically strive for about a 3-5 day turn around time to see your pictures and decide on your packages.

Seniors Photos Checklist

More people will see your senior photos than ANY OTHER PHOTO you have ever, or will have taken. YES! Even more than your see your wedding photos!Mike Jensen, Photographer
  • Hair

    Girls, don’t get it dyed the day of the shoot. Too much stress and potential for disaster. Guys, I’d suggest a haircut within a week before your shoot.

  • Makeup

    EASY AND NATURAL is the best approach. Enough to accentuate your natural beauty but not so much you need to scrape it off with a putty knife!

  • Clothes

    Bring plenty of options! At least three changes including more formal and casual.

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