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Future Marine’s Senior Photos

I titled this post Future Marine’s Senior Photos because that’s where Blaise is now. In the Marines. He was an extraordinary young man and I really enjoyed working with him and his family!

Blaise lived about 150 away from me.  His mom was a teacher and knew of my work.  She found my website and loved what she saw.  She called and told me she wanted to hire me, but we needed to talk logistics.  We decided to muture Marine's Senior Photoseet in an old town about half the distance for both of us.  There were some older, broken down buildings, rough stuff, perfect for a young man.

When I arrived, Blaise did not look like a happy camper!  No smile, no “nice to meet you”, not much personality!  I asked Mom “What’s up?”  She didn’t know and asked me if I wanted to cancel.  I said no, we’re all here, let’s get busy and see how things go!

Senior photoshoots for young men are typically not as exciting as they are for the girls!  Guys just don’t seem to get as excited as gals do!  I’ve learned not to take it personally!  🙂

So, began the work with Blaise.   The photo to the left is one of the first I took.  I said “What do I have to do to get you to smile?”  He replied “I was smiling!” I thought I either had the most serious kid on the face of the planet, or this kid had a sense of humor.  Now, I had to find out.

Mike took such great care of Blaise during the photoshoot! He took special care to bring out all the qualities that are Blaise. We were so impressed with what Mike did and VERY pleased with the photos!Katie Shultz - Blaze's Mom
uture Marine's Senior PhotosAs the shoot moved along I asked Blaise what other changes of clothes he had.  He said he had a shirt and tie.  Now, this was not the young man I expected to pull out a shirt and tie.  I knew he had some class!  Not only did he have one shirt and one tie, he had two and we got some neat shots.

As I was talking to him during the shoot, I found out he was a patriotic young man and was going to join the Marines when he graduated!  Now, I knew I had a quality young man.  I knew he was perfect for the Marines!

uture Marine's Senior PhotosNow, boys are made to love their Mothers and I was going to give Mom a reward  for raising such a fine young man.  I got Mom & Dad together and asked them to take a few shots.  Then, I asked Mom to give Blaise a kiss!  Her face lit up and she beamed.  It all happened in a flash and I was able to capture it.  She was so excited!

I still hear from them at Christmas.  Blaise is doing well in the Marines!