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Fun Family Senior Photo Session

Ronak’s was a real fun family senior photo session.  Ronak and his family were so in to this session.  His sister was the one who called me to book the session.  I think Ronak was a bit timid about the whole thing… until I arrived with a couple of cameras.

So, photographing senior boys can be a challenge.  Not because they don’t take a great senior photo, but usually because it takes some convincing to get them to the shoot, and then you’ve got to get them relaxed.

Getting them relaxed usually boils down to several things: (in no specific order)

  • Cars
  • Sports
  • Girls

If I get past cars, sports and girls and the guy still hasn’t relaxed then he’s a Gamer!  A Gamer is a guy who spends EVERY waking hour playing video games!  EVERY WAKING HOUR!  Now, I don’t know a lot about today’s video games.  I was already grown up when Pong was invented!  I know, that makes me ancient!  But I am a guy and I was a teenager and I’m here to tell you.  If you want to talk to a teen aged boy.  Start with cars, sports, girls and then move to Games.  If you get to games give up trying to get these kids to talk.  They don’t!

JensenOne-0260 copyNow our subject for this blog, Ronak was not a Gamer.  Not in the true sense of the word.  He played video games, but he was not a gamer.  He was in to Cars!  He came from a pretty traditional Indian family.  When I arrived at their house for the shoot I was greeted by his Sister (who is the one who found me on the internet).  I immediately noticed all Indian programming on the TV.  I met the ENTIRE family and invited them to be a part of the shoot (as much as Ronak would allow).  Ronak’s father knew he wanted about 6 or 7 particular shots!  Ronak wanted a shot with his soon to be car!  (as soon as Dad decided to give up the car).

We took a few shots around the house and then went to a neighborhood park.  There I really was able to get his personality out and have some fun with the family.

Afterward I was invited back for tea and sweet cookies!  Yum!  Perks of the job!

As a photographer, establishing a relationship with your subject is the key to a great photo experience. High school boys are not usually overly excited to do this so it’s important to make them feel VERY comfortable.Mike Jensen, High School Seniors Photographer