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Country Senior Photo Session

This was the real deal country senior photo session.  We began Jonathon’s photos at his high school and then went to his family’s farm for the rest of the photo shoot session.

Jonathan’s senior portraits were done on one of the hottest days of the year!  I think we were at a high of about 101 when we started his shoot.

Jonathan Ropp-5497We started at his high school, a rarity.  Not may seniors want to have photos taken at the school.

Senior portraits are not really Male High School Senior Photos | Shawnee Mission | Blue Valley | Desoto | Kansas City - www.highschoolseniors.photosportraits, but a celebration of life.  Not in the mourning type of way, but in anticipation of this high school student knocking on the door of adulthood.

As with many of the senior portraits I’ve shot, we moved from one location to another going from the high school to a hay farm.  Now hay farms are really cool places to photograph because they have texture, variety of color, great tonal values and tractors!!!!

I typically schedule my photo sessions for later afternoon/early evening to coordinate with the normally awesome light that accompanies sunset. We photographers call this “Golden Hour”.

As I mentioned it was hotter than heck when we began the shoot so one of the challenges was making sure the heat was not transferred to the photographs. I mean, people sweat when it’s over 100 degrees. I typically carry a couple of micro clothes in my camera bag to clean lenses/gear etc. This time we used them for Jonathon brow and mine!

As this country senior photo session progressed we moved from the trees to the hayfield itself. We even stopped for a few shots with the cows, but they didn’t cooperate very well! We ended up in and around the barn which provided for some really cool shots.

Jonathan was a farm boy for sure, but he had the brains to go with it.  He was graduating with high honors and headed off to Stanford as a Math major!.

As with many of our senior photos, we encourage a photo or two with the family! Your senior year and graduation is a right of passage and your parents will love the opportunity to get a few last photos before you head off to college.Mike Jensen, High School Senior Photo Photographer